Chapter contact information

Statesboro High School

10 Lester Rd, Statesboro, GA 30458

912 212 8860

Principal: Dr. Ken LeCain

Bulloch County Schools Central Office

150 Williams Rd, Statesboro, GA 30458

912 212 8505

Superintendent: Charles Wilson

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Bethany Gilliam

Teaching as a Profession Pathway

Room B144

Kristen Rogers

Early Childhood Education Pathway

Room B146

cindy hart

Culinary Arts Pathway

Room B126

Meet our chapter officers

Angela Smith

Chapter President

The Chapter President's duties include working with the Adviser and fellow officers to create an agenda for each Officer and Chapter meeting. Other duties include planning and conducting meetings, as well as communicating with the other Chapter Officers to ensure success for Officers and members of the Chapter. ​

Megan Hinson

First Vice President

Duties of the Chapter First Vice President include assisting the President as needed, working with other Officers to plan and prepare for meetings, collaborate to make an agenda for each meeting, and assist the President to conduct Chapter and Officer meetings. 


Chelsea Haire


The secretary is responsible for keeping a complete record of the meetings minutes, this will show decisions which were made. Other duties include keeping accurate attendance and membership records and reminding the president of unfinished business before upcoming meetings. 

Nyja Gaines

Vice President

of Membership

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for maintaining a record of members as well as implementing membership opportunities in the school. 

Bhumi Patel

Vice President of Community Service

Duties include reaching out to community service organizations to be able to partner with the chapter.  Pre-plan community service activities and opportunities for the chapter and recognize members in the chapter for community service participation. 

Savanna McQuaig

Vice President of Competitive Events

The Vice President of Competitive Events is in charge of helping those who are competing in STAR Events as well as collaborating with the adviser to plan STAR Events work days. Other duties include helping to better members presentation skills while competing in STAR Events and giving constructive feedback. 

Matthew Gilleland

Vice President of Culinary Competitive Events

The responsibility of the Vice President of Culinary Competitive Events is to oversee all culinary competitions within the chapter.  This includes assisting those who compete in culinary events while giving positive and honest feedback to ensure improvement while competing. 

Amanda Muldrew

Vice President of Public Relations

The Vice President of Public Relations responsibilities include promoting the school chapter through social media. Promoting chapter meetings, activities, and conference through posts on social media/posters throughout the school spreads awareness of FCCLA at Statesboro High while encouraging others to join. 

Keylee Phillips

Region 9 Officer of the Georgia Association of FCCLA

The role of the Region 9 Officer of the Georgia Association of FCCLA is to oversee chapters within Region 9 of Georgia. Communicating with the Georgia State Executive Council to region advisers,  then to advisers within their region and often times even chapter presidents. The Region Officer's responsibility is to report information from the State Council to advisers within their region.

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